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Valerie Lynn

Recording Artist Valerie Lynn is no stranger to the entertainment industry. As a young child, she found that she couldn't keep out of the spotlight, performing in every school show she got a chance to sing in. This habit also followed her into her High School and College years, shining as a lead vocalist and gaining numerous 1st place awards for many national and international competitions. Valerie started writing songs at age 17 and continues to hone her craft with every new project that she takes on. These qualities are extremely evident on her new releases, "Take It Back", "A Place in This World (Carry On)" and "All That I Am" Available Now on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and Spotify (to name a few).
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Upcoming Show!

Come join us for a fun-filled night of entertainment at Boardner's in Hollywood - Thursday, August 20th - 11:00 pm

This is an 18 and Over Show -
Cover charge is $10

Hollowbody LA at
1652 N Cherokee Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(Half block off Hollywood Blvd)

VL & the Ledj Show Poster

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New EP Release - Valerie Lynn iTunes
Valerie Lynn - NEW EP
Valerie Lynn - NEW EP
Google Play Music
Valerie Lynn - NEW EP
Amazon Music
Valerie Lynn - NEW EP

Available on All These Stores

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Take It Back

Take It Back

Valerie Lynn - LG - ECDC Music 2014

A Place In This World (Carry On)

A Place In This World
(Carry On)

Valerie Lynn - LG - ECDC Music 2014

All That I Am

All That I Am

Valerie Lynn - LG - ECDC Music 2014


ECDC Music is a forward thinking new label that embraces both the fun side of the new generation of music artists while giving "props" to the styles of old (retro influences).

Valerie Lynn is a fine example of such a young and influential artist with a strong vocal style, writing approach and execution of every subject matter put to music that she believes in. When you listen to Valerie, you can hear the truth that comes from her heart; her rich tone and emotive quality breathing truth and conviction into every line.

We are proud that Valerie is an ECDC Music Artist.

ECDC Music Group


Background Info

Please check back for New Videos for our New EP Release : "Valerie Lynn"


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